The Sharing Economy is already a reality, to share a car like on Uber or our house as on Airbnb, jewels or even a wedding’s dress, is already normal to find on the Web and most of them, are already a huge business.

Sharing Economy

The most important companies working on Sharing Economy

But, what about men’s dress shoes?

As I will never think to share my toothbrush, I have the same thought for my shoes, but there is already a lot of websites making this business, although is more expressive for woman shoes.

I think there is objects that are personal, there is a lot of diseases, that may be transmited. I believe that all shoes rented, are desinfected after to be used but, even so, I personally don´t like the idea of using something that is rented to several people.

So my way of think, it seems to be common to at least 50% of population, but the other 50% will be enough to do a big business? I mean like Uber or Airbnb, for instance.

Well, if we considered this business only with shoes of very known and expensive brands, maybe make sense, rent a pair of shoes only for a special event, and show to their friends that they are rich, for these people is important to have such service supplied by somebody, but they also have limited resources, and the price to rent a Cucci, maybe has the same cost, of to purchase a similar new pair of shoes, but with a brand less known.

So this why, I don´t believe that the Sharing Economy with dress shoes for man, will never be a big business.

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