Terms of Service


1. Starting the business (bulk orders)

1.1 Before start any business, the customer need to fill up the Start Customer’s Form.

1.2 We reserve the right to refuse to supply our products if the customer has bad reputation.

2. Communication

The communication between us will be done on CRM (Client Relationship Manager), we will manage all our communication, creating projects for each order or subject, tasks and milestones. All our comunication will be stored in a place reserved to you.

3. Samples and bulk orders

Before go ahead with bulk orders, you have to order at least a sample of each model, only after checking the sample physically and approve the prototypes you can send your bulk order.

4. Transport

The transport of samples or bulk orders is by customer account, the goods have to be collected on our premises.

5. Payment

We request an advanced payment before start the production of the products:

5.1 For samples – The customer should pay the total of cost before start the production;

5.2  Bulk orders – For customers with good commercial story the advanced payment is 35% of the total value. For startups or customers without any commercial story, the value is 60%. The remaining payment should be paid before delivery; we do not send the goods until the funds arrive to our bank account.

5.3  All the payment must be done by wire bank, but for values below 500€, the customer can use also Paypal, but the fee is by customer account.

6. Checking the products

The customer or someone else named by him, is free to check the goods before do the final payment, for that, the customer must to schedule the verification with us.

7. Goodyearweltedshoes.pt is not a web shop

Goodyearweltedshoes.pt is not a web shop, so is not subject to applicable law, we use the web only to promote our service of production of shoes, under customer specifications, company or end user. So the customer has to know that the product will be done only for him, and he could not return the goods or ask to be refunded as a normal web shop, it is clear that excepts all cases where the specifications requested have not been fulfilled by us, as in any other business.

Along the process of production, the customer will be informed about all steps, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

8. Order a custom pair of shoes for end users

8.1 The procedure is the same as a company, but the requst form for end user is different;

8.2 After receive your information, one of our collaborators will enter in contact with you and will ask everything we need to produce your shoes according your specifications;

8.3 As end user we have to invoice the VAT at the tax rate charged on your country for this specific product.

8.4 The price of shipping, will be calculated according to the type of transport to be used, will be a customer option, and the country where the goods will be sent.

9. Translation

We use a robot to translate, some languages may not be well translated, in case of doubt, please contact us.

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