The robustness, the weakness and the elegance, together but without conflict

A lot of brands have started to produce Goodyear Welted Shoes for women, not just because is fashionable, but because our ladies deserves to wear a pair of shoes of the highest quality too. Formal or classic, shoe or boot, is really beautiful to see a elegant foot inside of a Goodyear shoe; is the robustness, the weakness and the elegance, together but without conflict. Although our currently production, still be more than 75% for man, such percentage has been decreasing along the last years and we hope to on next two years, the mythical percentage of 50% for both sexes will be achieved.   9057The boots has became suddenly most preferred. This style of boots from our catalogue, was our best seller last year, a style mixed, classic and formal, for all occasions. This year we think that this trend is to maintain.

Special offer

For the first 10 female customers, we will offer the monogram that will be placed on the upper of the shoe of their choice.

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