What is the average price for a custom shoe for the end customer?

With leather from our catalog between € 150 and € 190, other special skins depends of its price.

Where are shoes produced? And where do raw materials come from?

The shoes are produced in Portugal and the raw materials are mostly of Portuguese origin but we do imports from several EEC countries.

How to pay my orders?

There is two ways to pay your orders, for values over 500€ you have to send the payment by bank transference, you will receive all instructions, for values less than 500€ you can use the paypal but you have to pay the fee charged, you will receive the value to be paid and the account which you should send the money.

How is about the transport?

To send all your orders, small (as samples) or big orders, you have to contract your own suppliers, the transporter should pick up the goods at our production (ex works), eventually we can deliver at forwarder for special contracts.

Can I use another currency instead of Eur?

No, all our products are sold in Euros, European Community’s currency.

How much is the extra cost for fulfillment service?

This year we will charge 1,5€/pair, this a trial service, next year we will decide the definitive price.

Can I customze your models, I mean choose leather colours or to use rubber soles instead leather?

Yes of course since is one of our colours or soles available.

What happen if I give up the order after pay the advance payment?

If there isn’t expenses from our side, the amount paid may be returned (if there is any bank expenses will be by your account).  If there is expenses already done,  we will deduct them first and return the remaining

Can I produce fully customized individual shoes?

Yes, under the following conditions:

  • We only sell to companies, so you need to have a company;
  • Before to start to produce fully customized individual shoes, you have to buy at least 20 pairs of one model;
  • We will give you a budget after to know what you want customise.

In general, we are available to produce fully customized individual shoes, to customers who purchase also series of 20 units per model or more, along the year, we are not interested to work with customers that only want to buy this type of shoes.

Alteration on procedures (2016-01-03)

Now the final customers also can purchase a single pair fully customized, please go to the bottom of Products page and follow the instructions.

I live in Africa and I would like to produce shoes with a special skin, can I send the skin for my shoes?

Yes, since the skins are not forbidden or from animals in extinction, before send the skins please check with the customs authorities if you are allowed to send such skins and if we can to export after production.

I didn't see any information about brand to be placed on the shoes, is already included on price?

No, because depends what kind of trade mark you want to put on your shoes, we will give you a budget after to know you want, but we already have pre-defined prices for several types of logotypes.

You produce only in Goodyear or can I opt for Blake construction?

Yes we have also a blake construction line, if you are interested, this matter will be treated in other platform, we will inform you where.

Well, I understood that I can start to buy only 20 pairs per model, but if is missing some a size, how many pairs I have to order as a minimum?

In this case you have to order only 3 pairs per size, at the same price you bought the 20 in bulk. After a purchase of 20 pairs in one model, then you can buy only 3 pairs per size, each time you need to restocking. So, if you need only size 42 for instance, you have to order 3 pairs minimum.

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