Most people are changing their lifestyle, preferring online purchases.


So this is a bad news for retail, good news for web shops.

America’s chains, like Gap or American Eagle Outfitters and others, predicts a considerable drop in sales in 2016. That trend will be maintained for the next years, which will lead to degradation of many shopping centers.

The technology and home articles, are now the priority for the young consumers but the unemployment and the low wages, do not allow big purchases.

the world economy, lives one of the most serious crisis ever, practically all American countries have huge economic problems and the old Europe, with terrorism and refugees, still continue with a slow growing, the giants; the United States, China and Russia are not better.

Despite this scenario, Portugal decreased its shoes sales in 2015 but only 2,1%, for next year the prospects are positive.
Portugal has increasingly better quality and the customers try to maintain its sales providing products with same quality but with better price.

But in general the for Global Industry Analyst the shoe sales will continue growing until 2020, which is good news for all our customers.

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