In 1869 Charles Goodyear Jr. revolutionized the way of producing shoes...

Before that, the tools were very rudimentary, the leather was bad, produce a shoe was an arduous and slow task and so very expensive.

Today we make the same manner

The construction is exactly the same, but we use better tools, better leather and the production is faster

In 2021 we have the better quality ever

There are 152 years that we are improving the noblest way of making shoes

Now you can also buy Goodyear Welted Shoes

You have to buy only 20 pairs per model and only 3 pairs per size for restocking when needed, the price? You won’t believe!

We also produce custom shoes for end users

Producing Goodyear Welted shoes

How to work with us?

The models

First you have to choose how you want to working with us regarding the models, there are three possibilities


Using our models

We have already some models, you have only to choose those who fits better inside your concept.


Using your models

We can develop new models under your instructions, but will use our shoe lasts and materials.


New collection

We can developing a complete new concept, new design, new shoe’s lasts and accessories.

The shoe box

About the shoe box you have three options.


Use our shoe box

You can use our box (not customized), there is two models and 5 colours.


You supply the shoe box

In this case the shoe boxes should be sent to our production.


Produce a new shoe box

With your instructions we will produce a new fully customized shoe box.

The delivery method

Finally you have to choose the type of delivery method, as before, you have also three alternatives.


Standard delivery

All the goods will be delivery to your freight forwarder


"Fulfillment service"

We stored the goods and we send each pair of shoes directly to your final customer.


Mix delivery

Part of the goods will be send to you, part is “Fulfillment service”

Yes that´s it…so simple!

We have the best offer on Goodyear Welted Shoes

Now is up to you….

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